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        Genre: Concert Repertoire

        Title Description Composer Voicing

        And Loud We Sing And Long!


        This carol for Christmas manages to combine several opposing concepts. It mentions the traditional winter cold of Christmas and the summer heat which is part of the Australian Christmas experience. It also combines “scat” syllables in a style which is definitely Classical. This piece can be sung by any church or college ensemble which sings the standard repertoire of Christmas. Highly recommended!

        Voices Of A Land


        An anthology of three songs, Cutty Sark, Midsummer Noon and Drovers. The score includes instructions for “random bush sounds”.

        South Australia


        A robust arrangement which includes two versions of an Australian sea shanty. The composer also sanctions a cappella performances.

        Waltzing Matilda


        A masterly and unique arrangement of Australia’s favourite song.

        We Welcome Summer


        A wonderful piece which welcomes “the glorious blessing of light” asking us to “pour out our darkness into the glorious forgiving light”. Would suit a good college or church choir. It could also be used as an Epiphany anthem with a difference, since Epiphany appears in the middle of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.


        The recording is track number 08, from The Australian Voices’ CD, “The Listening Land”. Conducted by Graeme Morton.



        Also from Songs of Passage, “coraparena” means “flat place”. The writing is easy to sing though it contains some chord clusters. Commissioned by Graeme Morton’s St Peters Chorale.



        This is the fourth title of Songs of Passage, the work which includes Ngana. “Ceduna” means “waterhole”. The music includes “boxes” of material for singers to work through as well as traditionally scored sections. Commissioned by Graeme Morton’s St Peters Chorale.



        Another in the Songs of Passage set, “tabulam” means “my home”. This song captures the energy and life of music-making from the north of Australia where part-singing is joyous, spontaneous and often improvised. The writing is lush, rich and repetitive. Commissioned by Graeme Morton’s St Peters Chorale.

        Until I Saw


        A slow meditative work. A beautiful imaginative piece that stands among the best.

        Ngana (SATB) (Songs of Passage)


        Stephen Leek’s famous work from Songs of Passage. “Ngana” means “shark” and the piece strikingly captures the driving energies, rhythms and vivid colors of the island seascape found around the northeastern tip of Australia. Ngana was commissioned by Graeme Morton’s St. Peters Chorale.



        A rollicking piece for a good high school choir. Bullock teams were an important form of early transport for heavy loads in Australia and each one was driven by a “bullocky” – a pioneer of great character. Requires a skilled pianist.

        Recording from “Our Time And Place” by St Peter’s Chorale, directed by Graeme Morton, released in 1997.

        Andy’s Gone With Cattle


        Combines the traditional music and text of the Australian folk song Andy’s Gone With Cattle with the American folk song He’s Gone Away. Would suit a high school choir.