Morton Music is a leading publisher of Australian choral music.


The company was founded by brothers Ralph and Graeme Morton and their wives, Cheryl and Barbara, in 1988. In the early days Morton Music was both a retailer of choral music and a specialty publisher of choral music by Australians. It now concentrates its efforts exclusively on publishing.

Morton Music’s catalogue includes over 100 pieces by leading and less well-known Australian composers.

Australian choral music is universal in nature and appeal. However, there is a large and growing body of Australian choral music which speaks with a unique voice that reflects the diverse histories and cultures of our “wide brown land”. It is for this nascent Australian voice that Morton Music’s publications are best known.

Many of the most distinctively Australian compositions heard in recent years come from the Morton Music catalogue, which includes the Australian composers who have become well-known through the world choral community.

Among music publishers, Morton Music stands out due to the deep musical knowledge and professional standing of its founders. Both Ralph and Graeme Morton have had distinguished careers in choral performance, organ performance and music education. While sadly Ralph died in 2016, Morton Music’s publications still reflect the high musical standards of Ralph and Graeme and their intimate knowledge of the art. Morton Music publications have been thoroughly road-tested with their own choirs before being published.

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