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        Voicing: Mixed Voices

        Title Description Composer Voicing

        The Springtime it Brings on the Shearing


        A lyrical and charming Australian folksong set for SATB choir and piano. This is a simple arrangement that brings out the grace and charm of the melody. The score gives and explanation of all the Australian slang in the song, arising as it does from the Australian colonial period and the vast sheep-raising properties that were characteristic of this history.

        This song makes a great contrast with Bullocky-O, also arranged by Graeme Morton.

        Three Australian Bush Songs


        This wonderful piece portrays three phases of the day: Sunrise, emerging in the stillness of the dawn, Birds, reflecting the vitality of the noonday, and the vibrant bird calls in the “Australian) bush, and Sunset, where the conclusion to the set of songs is a slow chordal diminuendo as the sun sets. Each movement can be performed separately.

        Three Motets After Victoria (Victoria Triptych)


        This “Victoria Triptych” was written in 2011, the 400th anniversary of the death of the great Spanish polyphonist, Thomas Luis de Victoria. For unaccompanied SATB choir, and with divided parts, these wonderful Latin motets remind us that the great motet tradition is still vibrant and flourishing. The individual titles, recorded by the choir of St James King Street, Sydney, one of three commissioning choirs, are:

        Versa est in Luctum

        Lamentation of Jeremiah

        Hombres, Victoria, Victoria!



        “Tunggare” means “voice” or “to sing” in an Australian dialect. This is a wonderful opening or closing to a concert. There is much repetition and very easy tenor and bass parts, so it is perfect for a high school choir (and other choirs as well!). It may also be used as a choral piece for audience participation.

        Two Kyries From The Winds Of Heaven (SATB)


        These two songs are unusual, fresh and vivid. They resonate with ideas drawn from several religious philosophies. The composer sanctions performances within the context of Christian worship as well as any philosophic tradition which values the soul. Includes harmonic overtone singing.

        The individual parts are very simple and a large and sonorous ensemble is preferred. Mixed voices a cappella.

        Recording from”Honour the Earth” CD published by Sarah Hopkins
        Performed by Canticum conducted by Emily Cox

        Until I Saw


        A slow meditative work. A beautiful imaginative piece that stands among the best.

        Versa est in Luctum


        Number one of Twist’s “Victoria Triptych”. My harp is tuned for lamentation, and my flute to the voice of those who weep. Spare me, O Lord, for my days are as nothing (trans. Miguel Iglesias)

        Available in the set of Three Motets after Victoria, linked here – not available singly.

        Voice Of The River


        Orlovich has a keen ear for the way different texts resonate with each other. This piece uses the traditional Latin text Dulcis Jesu Memoria and Victor Carrell’s Voice of the River which draws on a series of images which address “love” as it is found in some of its myriad manifestations. Commissioned by Graeme Morton’s St Peters Chorale and suitable for a good high school or college choir. It could also be used in church situations as an anthem.

        Wake Up!


        Wake Up! is a rhythmic and energetic piece that re-imagines the choir ensemble as a contemporary band. Amongst the global frenzy of contemporary culture, hip-hop and urban music has become the ‘folk music’ that resonates strongly with our current generation. This piece captures the vibrancy of those rhythms and melodies through the imitation of driving hip-hop beats and vociferous rap vocal.


        Waltzing Matilda


        A masterly and unique arrangement of Australia’s favourite song.

        We Welcome Summer


        A wonderful piece which welcomes “the glorious blessing of light” asking us to “pour out our darkness into the glorious forgiving light”. Would suit a good college or church choir. It could also be used as an Epiphany anthem with a difference, since Epiphany appears in the middle of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.


        The recording is track number 08, from The Australian Voices’ CD, “The Listening Land”. Conducted by Graeme Morton.